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Sunny Days & Sunny Moods

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Man overcame cancer without Chemo: ‘I’d still fight’

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Blood Fat linked with Diabetic Nerve Loss

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BPA in blood from plastic bottle # 7

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Coating from Food Wrappers Found in Human Blood

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New over-the-counter cancer tests

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Want to know your mortality risk? Take walking test.

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DEPRESSION – natural help for mood

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What nutrients help the skin?

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Creating healthy skin requires the best ingredients for the inside & the outside of the body.  

We have clients who do one thing, some things, or everything.  Each thing helps!

5 things to help skin:

1.  ENERGIZE with Protein (Energizing Soy or Cinch)  

2.  BUILD with Vitamins  (Vita Lea or Vitalizer)  

3.  DETOX with Herb Lax, Liver DTX

4.  REPAIR with Vivix  

5.  PREVENT with Enfuselle, Minerelles, Get Clean, Best Water & AirSource


How does each thing help?

  • 1.  ENERGIZE
    • PROTEIN:  How fast can you replace old skin with new, healthy cells?  The more protein you consume, the faster your metabolism will be.  The higher the quality of protein you consume, the higher the quality of cells you’ll produce & the better your skin will look.  Shaklee’s raw vegetable Energizing Soy Protein has less saturated fat than other protein sources.  It helps the body have less hormonal disturbances, less cholesterol, less acid and longer cell life. 
  • 2.  BUILD
      • VITA LEA:  Vitamin deficient?  Vita Lea is a whole food, multi-vitamin / mineral.  
      • B-COMPLEX: Stressed out with oily or dry skin?  B-Complex helps with canker sores & shingles, lip problems, cracks at the corners of the lips (which indicate B-complex deficiency), & balances the skin’s moisture level.
      • VITA C:  Helps: construct Collagen, tissue integrity. resist infections, skin resiliecy, wrinkles, sagginess, allergies, & other skin problems!  Environmental pollution and stress destroys C.  
      • CAROTOMAX:  Carotanoids, including Beta Carotene (precursor for Vitamin A).  No one has healthy skin without sufficient Vitamin A.  Beta Carotene is the best way to get it because it is stored in the cells, not just the liver.
      • VITA E:  Delays aging process, de-activates free radicals, tones muscles, improves elasticity, increases circulation, protects cell membranes, assists body in utilixing oils, relieves itchiness, improves leathery skin.
      • OMEGA:  Helps skin stay soft & supple.  Helps with psoriasis.
    • Lots of acne?  ZINC:  Helps heal, immune system strength, reduce acne, & speeds collagen manufacture.
    • Eczema?  LECITHIN:  plumps skin, beneficial to nerves and skin funcitons. 
  • 3.  DETOX
    • HERB LAX:  The skin is one avenue of toxin elimination.  Herb Lax insures proper elimination so the skin has less of a work load.
    • LIVER DTX:  A sluggish liver causes fatty deposits in the skin, commonly called age spots or liver spots.  DTX helps to rejuvenate liver funciton & keep skin young & healthy looking.
  • 4.  REPAIR
    • VIVIX:  Resveratrol’s high anti-oxidant effect helps all types of skin issues.  
  • 5.  PREVENT

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Live Green, Save Green, Share Green. Green pays.

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Shaklee World Headquarters began with a dream: a building that would be a monument to our beliefs, combining science and nature in a way that nobody else has.
With non-toxic paint on the walls, energy saving windows, recycled carpets, certified sustainable wood, and acres of trees, the Shaklee campus is in harmony with nature, using less energy, keeping people healthier and enabling change by leading by example.

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