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from Deb: 

I help others create energy and avoid sickness.  Why? 

I know the sick bed AND the river bed.  Each have heros. 


My sick bed was an indian-giver.  At first it lead me to castles; then, at times, it was a mote, blocking entrance.  As long as mansions swirled, (mind and heart talking with soul), I felt the happiest peace.  But, when my intense body-pain increased so much that it demanded & controlled nearly all my faculties, it almost ‘dropped the call’ on my soul-talk.  I don’t believe humans are meant to live this way, to live in preventable sickness. 

So now, I restore temples which protect mansions. 


Running through riverbeds, I am Legolas.  Wind races through my hair, speaking of freedom and grace.

We have more rivers to cross.



Deb’s Health Testimony 

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