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Want more productivity?  

  • We have 2 starter cleanses. 
  • Cleanse at least one month. 
  • Many continue to cleanse daily forever.

Choose #1 or #2. 



#1 – Take with your meal.

#2 – Take to replace a meal.



  • blood sugar stabilization
  • chemicals removed from blood
  • cholesterol (decrease LDL & triglycerides)
  • cognitive improvement
  • craving reduction
  • energy (What would you do with a few extra hours?)
  • excretory & liver
  • hair strengthening / thickness
  • hormones
  • intestine help (constipation / diarrhea / mal-absorption)
  • intestine – impacted fecal matter removed
  • immunity
  • muscle recovery / repair
  • nutrient absorption improvement
  • sex drive improvement
  • skin
  • weight loss
  • more


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Productivity linked to nutrient intake

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Poor workplace nutrition hits worker’s health and productivity, says new ILO report. 

The ground-breaking study examines worldwide workplace eating habits & reports that better nutrition can raise national productivity rates, prevent micronutrient deficiencies, chronic diseases & obesity.  Modest investments can be repaid in reduction of sick days and accidents. 

Some stats

  • Poor diet costs up to a 20% loss in productivity. 
  • Poor diet consequences: morale, safety, productivity, & the long-term health  (C. Wanjek, Food at Work: Workplace solutions for malnutrition, obesity and chronic diseases
  • 1/6 are undernourished or overweight.
  • 46% of global disease is diet related. (2001)
  • 60% of all deaths is diet related. (2001)
  • Diet-related diseases are expected to climb to 57% by 2020.
  • In SE Asia, iron deficiency accounts for a US$5 billion loss in productivity.
  • In India, the cost of lost productivity, illness & death due to malnutrition is US$10 to 28 billion, or 3-9% of GDP
  • The US annual cost of obesity to business for insurance, paid sick leave & other payments is US$12.7 billion.
  • In the US, where over 2/3 of the population is overweight, direct medical costs accounted for approximately US$51.6 billion & lost productivity approximately US$3.9 billion – reflected in 39.2 million lost workdays, 239 million restricted-activity days, 89.5 million bed-days and 62.6 million physician visits.

Food at Work: Workplace solutions for malnutrition, obesity and chronic diseases, Christopher Wanjek, ISBN 92-2-11715-2, International Labour Office, Geneva, 2005. To read the executive summary, please visit:

Boost your nutrient levels, University of Berkely study proves results.

Cleanse your body from unhealthy food.