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Virus & skin cancer, batteries. Anti-virals

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Interferon fights Fungal Infections – Candida

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Gamma Interferon Could Aid Fight Against Fungal Infections (Nov. 3, 2007) — Interferon, the “superhero” cure for viral infections, may be a strong weapon in the battle against fungal infections in immunocompromised patients, according to a new article. Fungal infections …  > read more

Boost ability to make interferon in your body

Influenza lurking? Stay away!

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  • Flu near you?  New tool allows you to search flu locations.
  • Disease that mimics a bad flu, until it finally kills, is spreading across the Northwest.
  • Dr. Kojima’s discovery (40 yrs ago) of interferon has helped people overcome serious illnesses like influenza, MS, cancer, poisoning.  Now, he’s found a way to help the body naturally create interferon WITHOUT THE SIDE EFFECTS of pharmaceutical interferon.  See nutriferon.