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How to build an Herbal Medicine Cabinet

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Prepare your herbal medicine cabinet BEFORE you’re in a crisis!  

Here are the health issues specifically addressed.
  • acid reflux
  • ulcer
  • bee sting
  • bronchitis
  • burns
  • cold sores
  • diarrhea
  • ear-aches
  • cold / flu / viral infections
  • growing pains
  • bad breath / body odor
  • mononucleosis
  • morning or motion sickness
  • poison ivy
  • sinus infection
  • sore throat, strep, tonsillitis
  • thrush & other yeast infections
  • tummy ache

Allergies- from food consumed days ago?

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There are 2 types of allergic reactions… 

  • IMMEDIATE REACTION – IgE:  This occurs within minutes after exposure.  Most common allergens are: dander, shellfish, nuts, bee stings, mold & pollen.

  • DELAYED REACTION – IgG: Appearing 24-72 hours after exposure, they’re difficult to discover. Most commonly from dairy, cigarette smoke, wheat, eggs & chemicals (in food, air, hygiene / cleaning products, clothing & water).  This type of allergen has long term affects on the body.



Many find relief from allergies without bad side effects…. more