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Childhood Constipation as serious as Asthma

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(November 28, 2008) — Family life gets crazy around the holidays, and kids can get out of their bathroom routine. A new study finds childhood constipation is much more than an inconvenience – it’s a common, sometimes serious medical problem that costs nearly billion each year to treat. That’s equal to major chronic illnesses like asthma and ADHD. We have some important tips for parents to help treat or prevent the problem before it gets serious. … > full story



Motto:  “If it goes in, it must come out!”  

  • If you eat one full meal a day, you should have one full bowel movement a day.  (2 meals, 2 movements, etc.)  
  • Ideally, BMs should float, clean easily (not liquid, sticky or hard), and not smell too odorous.   
  • If you don’t have the ‘ideal BM’, you can increase fiber, herbs and alkalinity.



  • helps digestion 
  • eases constipation,
  • cleanses bowel, blood and arteries.   


Herb Lax

  • strengthens intestinal muscle action
  • cleanses intestine and blood
  • increases nutrient absorption


    • increases alkalinity of cellular system
    • enzymes help digest food in the stomach before it enters the intestine
    • natural body deodorizer



    digestive system

    Addicted to sugar?

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    • Sugar Can Be Addictive: Animal Studies Show Sugar Dependence 
    • (December 11, 2008) — Scientists have demonstrated that sugar can be an addictive substance, wielding its power over the brains of lab animals in a manner similar to many drugs of abuse. Researchers found profound behavioral changes in rats that, through experimental conditions, have been trained to become dependent on high doses of sugar. Lab animals that were denied sugar for a prolonged period after learning to binge worked harder to get it when it was reintroduced to them. They consumed more sugar than they ever had before, suggesting craving and relapse behavior. … > full story


      1. Keep blood sugar balanced using a protein source with all 9 essential amino acids.  
      2. Stop sugar cravings with a balanced  B Vitamin.
      3. Stop chocolate cravings with calcium, magnesium & D.
      4. Remove toxins from the body with herbs.  Why?  Toxins cause the pancreas to misfire, causing blood sugar abnormalities and cravings.
      5. Replace refined sugar and artificial sweetners with… safe sweetners.

    Lymphatic System Cleanse

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    Daily for @ least 1 month. 

    (Longer if you have a serious immune system challange.)



    1. Jump on a mini trampoline or run up the stairs 5-45 min.


    2. Use 1 teas. Vivix to repair DNA damage. 


    3. Sweat! 


    4. Use Herb Lax to purify the blood, which lessens the toxic load on the lymphatic system. 


    5. Use 3 DTX daily to clean the liver, which lessens the toxic load on the lymphatic system.  (more about the liver)


    6. Use 1 Nutriferon to boost the immune system, which lessens the toxic load on the lymphatic system. 





    Want to begin? – Get your supplies here


    Our Master Cleanse

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    10 days to a Better You.



    Why cleanse? 

    • Cleansing makes people feel better and look younger.
    • Because of the chemicals found in food, air, water & environment, glandular systems are crippled, causing depression, obesity, fatigue, & frequently illness.
    • No other animal could survive if they ate the chemicals humans eat. 
    • Even humans that come from indigenous parts of the world become deathly ill when they adopt the “Western” diet. 
    • Our bodies are sick & polluted, & just like neglected machines, they suffer when not running at peak efficiency.  
    • Our Master Cleanse can help change that.  It’s not magic; it flushes out the waste that’s putting a huge burden on every organ in your body.
    • Dr Bernard Jensen explains how internal waste poisons the entire body:

    “The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level.”

    ~ Dr Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, Ph.D.

    Thankfully Our Master Cleanse can eliminate waste and reverse lots of damage.


    Tried & failed?

    Tried the original Lemonade Master Cleanse (1950s) and failed?  Why?

    • hunger
    • fatigue
    • cravings
    • blood sugar imbalance
    • lack of protein
    • too many toxins to eliminate
    • detox effect



    Science has solved these problems by adding specific products & foods. 

    our-master-cleanse-recipe   1 serving size.  Drink 6-12 a day.

    At bedtime: Herb Lax  (Instructions)

    If possible, include a detox therapeutic bath each day.

    • To maintain freshness, prepare only enough for 1 day. (6-12 servings each day).
    • Keep refrigerated.
    • Don’t like spicy drinks?  Put cayenne pepper in small capsules (from health stores) & take 1 with each glass of lemonade.


    BENEFITS others have noticed:

    • addictions decrease (sugar, preservatives, tobacco, etc)
    • appetite & metabolism
    • blood cleanse
    • colon cleanse
    • energy levels soar
    • fat stores decrease
    • “feel good” hormones restored
    • food allergies identified
    • glandular system cleansed / restored
    • hair – stronger, stop split ends
    • healthy habits created
    • heavy metals / toxins removed from intestinal lining
    • immunity
    • inflammation, (eased aching joints)
    • kidney cleanse
    • mental acuity
    • metabolism
    • mood
    • muscle building
    • protein – decreased animal protein intake (difficult to digest & can lead to kidney stones / disease)
    • sex drive
    • skin complexion brightened
    • skin elasticity restored
    • sleep better
    • weight loss, (some people lose as much as 1-2 # per day)


    Pounds Of Putrid Waste Eliminated

    It’s common to pass

    • pounds of built up, foul smelling, black waste.
    • hardened phlegm & mucus resembling long strands of rubber.
    • waste which holds the shape of the inside of your intestine because it’s been inside you for years.
    • marble sized gallstones which are green & yellow balls of hardened cholesterol that can block the bile ducts from the liver to the small intestine (can be fatal if you don’t eliminate them).


    Expect Results 

    • As soon as you start Our Master Cleanse your body will quickly begin detoxing & rejuvenating.
    • The changes happen fast–many get the WOW! response from the people they know. 
    • If you want to loose lots of weight, it’s extremely important to follow the directions.  Many have lost up to 40 lbs.
    • I know it’s gross, but as people expel this waste, they feel amazing.  The body hums with lightness and renewed energy.  


    Want to begin? – Get your supplies here


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    Want more productivity?  

    • We have 2 starter cleanses. 
    • Cleanse at least one month. 
    • Many continue to cleanse daily forever.

    Choose #1 or #2. 



    #1 – Take with your meal.

    #2 – Take to replace a meal.



    • blood sugar stabilization
    • chemicals removed from blood
    • cholesterol (decrease LDL & triglycerides)
    • cognitive improvement
    • craving reduction
    • energy (What would you do with a few extra hours?)
    • excretory & liver
    • hair strengthening / thickness
    • hormones
    • intestine help (constipation / diarrhea / mal-absorption)
    • intestine – impacted fecal matter removed
    • immunity
    • muscle recovery / repair
    • nutrient absorption improvement
    • sex drive improvement
    • skin
    • weight loss
    • more


    Get your supplies here.