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BPA in blood from plastic bottle # 7

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Chemicals causing fertility / pregnancy problems

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Infertility – miscarriage HOPE

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Infertility is on the increase.  So is miscarriage.  Is there hope?

Take hormone questionnaire



  • Husband and wife take daily
    • 1 – Zinc 
    • Vitalizer
    • 1 teas. Vivix
    • at least 2 servings Energizing Soy Protein
  • Husband and wife take  at each meal:
    • 1 – Vita-Lea


if the problem is with the ___, it usually takes ___ to balance the body.

  • man – 2-3 months
  • woman – up to a year
  • impossible situation – 2-3 yrs


    • may be caused by toxins in water (lead and PCB’s).
    • Drink pure water (BestWater). 
    • Avoid #7 plastic for bottles or food containers.
    • Zinc increases volume of seminal fluid which helps sperms travel farther and get to those eggs!
    • Vita-C – removes free radicals (which may cause birth defects, genetic diseases & childhood cancers


    • Inability to ovulate because of birth control pills (affects about 25% of women).
    • Scar tissue
      • E
      • C
      • Zinc
      • Vivix
      • Caratomax
      • Flavomax
    • Infections, IUD’s, yeast infection, surgery
      • Optiflora
      • Protein
      • C
      • Carotomax
      • Vivix
    • Too much mucous secretion
      • Carotomax
    • Not enough mucous secretion
      • alfalfa
    • Endometriosis
      • B
      • Zinc
      • Vit-E
      • C
      • OsteoMatrix
      • Vivix
      • kill Candida overgrowth
      • optiflora
      • Energizing Soy Protein


    • Most dangerous cancers strike in mucosal lining. Keep linings healthy with
      • Carotomax
      • Vita-Lea
      • Vivix


    • Too much estrogen.
    • B-Complex converts the excess and keeps estrogen and progesterone in balance.


    • Vit-E related to hormones.
    • Adrenals take over at menopause, and you need Energizing Soy,  B, C, Zinc, Vivix  & E.

See inside your body. What’s making you sick?

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Your body burden is the the amount of chemicals found in your bloodstream.  These chemicals are linked to an assortment of diseases and cancers.

Here’s the body burden test

Email us.


Hi Sloan,

My Book Club just finished up the third party of the series about beauty products and all that I have to say is WOW!  Before reading your book, I had no idea that my cleaning or beauty products actually contained toxins!  My friends and I had so much fun trying out new make-up and lotions—we left feeling beautiful and more importantly, healthy.  I look forward to next Saturday with the kids—they will teach us a few things or two about being green!  THANK YOU for bringing this information to us.  XOXO

Remember that the journey to a healthier and greener life is about simple steps.  The GGWE Book Club is a series of six parties designed to help you lower your “Body Burden” score, one simple step at a time.  Click here to start planning your Green Goes With Everything Book Club Party Series today!

Green Goes With Everything Book Club Party Series*:

  • GGWE Party ONE What’s Your “Body Burden” Score?  Learn the Toxic Truth About the Pollution in Your Body
  • GGWE Party TWO:  Scary Clean: Are Your Cleaning Products Making You Sick?
  • GGWE Party THREE:  Clean Body:  Do Your Beauty Products Contain Ugly Chemicals and Toxins?
  • GGWE Party FOUR:  Clean Baby: Making a Healthy Home for Your Children
  • GGWE Party FIVE: Clean Food: Eating the Fun and Healthy Way
  • GGWE Party SIX: Clean Air: Is Your Home Filled With Toxic Air?

 MSN interviews Sloan Barnett about her new book, Green Goes with Everything.

Food allergies?

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Food allergies

  • Food allergies occur when a low immune system mistakenly responds to a food item as if it’s harmful.  In its attempt to protect, it creates specific IgE antibodies to that food.  The next time the person eats that food, the immune system releases massive amounts of chemicals and histamines.  These chemicals trigger a cascade of allergic reactions

  • Medline has a database of numerous studies linking food allergies with reactions. (Keywords: ‘food allergy asthma’ or ‘food allergy dermatitis’)

  • Another cause of food allergies can be a Candida overgrowth.  Candida can eat microscopic holes in the intestinal wall.  Foods ‘leak’ into the bloodstream and cause the body to produce antibodies against them.  Hence, the candida overgrowth must be contained and the intestinal wall must be repaired to stop this cycle and return the body to health.  How to stop candida overgrowth?

  • There are 2 types of responses to allergens, immediate reaction – IgE or delayed reaction IgG.

  • more


Sewer gas in cigarettes?!

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Look what lurks in cigarettes.  No wonder it causes allergy headaches!



detox from cigarette toxins