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Collagen helps Alzheimer’s

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Collagen May Help Protect Brain Against Alzheimer’s Disease 

  • (December 11, 2008) — Scientists have discovered that a certain type of collagen, collagen VI, protects brain cells against amyloid-beta proteins, which are widely thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease. … > full story



What is collagen

  • Collagen forms connective tissues which hold all organs in place.
  • It’s made from amino acids in proteins and is dependent on  Vitamin C.
  • Antioxidants protect it.

    Weak collagen?

    • scurvy, loss of teeth, bleeding gums, skin discoloration, unhealed wounds
    • too little vitamin C leads to lupus or rheumatoid arthritis

    Sources of collagen?

    • cows, pigs, human fat cells, human placenta, aborted babies
    • proteinvitamin C

    Infection Relief

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    To effectively kill infection, it’s important that the product you’re using:

    • has no contamination
    • is consistantly the same formulation
    • has enough active ingredient
    • is made with the most pure raw ingredients
    • is processed so the enzymes are still alive. 

     If these specifications aren’t met, the product won’t be strong enough to kill the infection.  All of our products exceed these specifications.


    FIGHT INFECTION: virus, flu, cold, ear, sinus

    Every 5 hours till infection is completely gone:




    If you used an antibiotic, the good flora of the intestine will be destroyed.  Be sure to replenish the healthy flora (acidophilus) in intestine before the yeast (Candida) get overgrown.  Your choice of acidophilus is important because if it can’t arrive in your intestines alive, pass the hydrochloric acid of the stomach, it won’t help the body.  Shaklee’s patented ‘pearl coating’ ensures live flora get delivered to your intestine. 

    Candida overgrowth?  Test here.  (If you don’t include proper contact info, I won’t be able to send you your results.)



    • Soak infected body part in 1 gallon water with 1/2 teas Basic G for 20 min as often as possible (1-3 times daily)
    • Rub area with antibacterial herbal cream
    • Strenthen immune system with Vivix

    Med side effects – worse than the allergies?

    In allergy on September 17, 2008 at 5:01 am


    Each allergy stricken individual should concider the negative side effects of medication.  Often times, the side effects are worse than the original symptoms.   Here are some examples.

    • ANTIHISAMINES:  insomnia, drowsiness, tremors, nervousness, irritability, dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention, rapid heartbeat, blurred vision
    • DECONGESTANTS:  restlessness, irritability, insomnia
    • STEROIDAL INHALANTS: glucocorticoid residue may supress immune defenses in mouth & throat, causing thrush due to yeast overgrowth, swallowed inhalant residues may be absorbed into bloodstream causing the same complications that occur when steroid drugs are taken orally
    • ALLERGY SHOTS: Dilluted allergens are shot into the bloodstream in hopes that the body will ‘learn’ to accept them  and stop producing antibodies in response to their presence.
    • SURGERY: A cutting instrument is thrust up the nasal cavities to remove excess bone, tissue and mucosal buildup.

    Many find relief from allergies without bad side effects…. more

    Allergies – causes?

    In allergy on September 17, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Why do people get allergies?

    • candida.  They can eat microscopic holes in the intesinal wall and cause foods to ‘leak’ into the bloodstream… more
    • food allergy causes…

    Many find relief from allergies without bad side effects…. more